NAIC Warns Industry of New Phishing Scam

Chris Hagerstrom, Marketing Vice President


The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) issued a warning about a new phishing scam targeting insurance producers.

From their website, the alert says “We are aware of a phishing scam targeting insurance producers regarding a falsified insurance claim related to their company that has been submitted to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. This fraudulent email displays the NAIC and CIPR (Center for Insurance Policy and Research) logo, can originate from a naic or gmail account and asks the recipient to click on a link to download the complaint notification.”

Certain anti-virus products will detect this is a malicious email, but if you receive a similar email or have any concerns you are encouraged to contact the NAIC Service Desk at (816) 783-8500 or [email protected].

Phishing attempts are particularly tricky as they seem like legitimate communications, but can cause irreparable harm to your computer system and confiscate any sensitive or protected consumer data. Ensure that your computer/tablet is protected from these attacks by encrypting the data and making sure that you have the latest updates from your anti-virus provider.

Chris Hagerstrom, Marketing Vice President

Chris Hagerstrom is the Marketing Vice President at Jack Schroeder and Associates, LLC. Through years of experience he has become an expert with Medicare, Life Insurance, Annuities and Supplemental Health and how to successfully navigate the senior market.