Final Expense: Broaching the Subject - Life Beyond Medicare

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Henry Monahan


Recently an agent approached me to express interest in working with Final Expense. The question that follows is one that I am all too familiar with – “How do I broach the subject of end of life planning?” Rule of thumb: no death jokes. Just don’t do it.

Offering Final Expense to your existing clients is a delicate thing. If you come off too forceful you will find yourself advocating to a brick wall. If you’re too reticent, your client will be reluctant to make a decision. At this point some agents inevitably ask why they should bother. I can list several reasons why you should offer life Insurance to your clients, but the reason that matters most, is……the most personal – your family.


Imagine your mother and father. They had an agent that helped them understand Medicare. Perhaps this agent prepared them for retirement and informed them of all the programs that could improve their quality of life. Perhaps this agent was you. Your family deserves the kind of quality care that you offer your clients. If one of your parents were to suddenly pass away, would your family benefit from a lump sum safety net?

Final Expense is an affordable whole life policy designed for individuals who are leaving work sponsored life Insurance or who want to safeguard their family against the sudden loss of a loved one. The key feature of Final Expense is the ability to secure a benefit that is affordable, even late in life. With an average benefit amount of just over ten thousand dollars, most clients can lock-in a premium of about fifty dollars. That’s cheaper than cable.

The fact is if we don’t plan for our end of life, then the burden shifts to those that love us most. Think back to your parents. Are they prepared? Were their parents? When meeting with your existing clients, ask them about their parents. Many of our Medicare clients have family health history that is pertinent to the Medicare discussion. Many of our clients have had the unfortunate responsibility of planning a funeral for the loss of a parent or a spouse’s parent. What was the experience like? What will their children’s experience be like?

Tell your clients that options exist. Many clients are unfortunately overspending for life Insurance sold direct to consumer from magazine and television ads. Many of these policies don’t offer day one protection. You owe your clients more. Ask them about their parents. Ask them about their children. Give them a quote. It takes only seconds. Many of your clients will have questions, and together, we have the answers. For those who aren’t certain… we never know what tomorrow brings. Many times clients will have a loved one experience a health emergency and then I get a call.

Follow up with your clients. Ask them about their family and give them the care and information you would want your parents to have.

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Henry Monahan