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Need to Know – The LIS Program

Along with the launch of Medicare Part D in 2006 came a program for individuals whose income and resources were limited, providing assistance with the cost of their medications. This program is called Low Income Subsidy (LIS), or Extra Help, and covers 12.5 million individuals as of March, 2019. LIS individuals qualify to receive assistance […]

Read the Article > Plan Finder Changes are Coming

Many agents utilize’s Plan Finder to run their clients’ drug lists each year in the search for the “best” coverage available. In doing so, agents have saved thousands of drug list ID’s and passwords so they can go back into the system the following year, retrieve the list and re-check the results. Starting October […]

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Clients losing Medicare Cost or MA coverage? Enrollment opportunity doesn’t end today!

Agents in Minnesota have had a particularly busy AEP this year with over 300,000 Medicare Cost plan members in that state losing their coverage at the end of this month. In other areas of the county, smaller pockets of Medicare beneficiaries are also losing coverage as some Medicare Advantage and Cost plans are not renewing […]

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Thoughts on Thanksgiving

“In a few years, I’m going to be obsolete.” That statement was made to me recently by a dear friend and a long-time insurance agent who was quite put out that a client had enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan directly over the internet. “My clients can look at plans on Medicare’s website, and can […]

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Electronic Enrollment – The Ultimate Sales Sidekick

54 days, 50+ million prospects. To say the Medicare market is full of opportunity is an understatement, and for those who’ve decided to tackle it – congratulations! With the Annual Enrollment Period pre-marketing in full swing, and October 15th just a few days away, how do we handle all that needs to be done during […]

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