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Presenting the Independent Insurance Agent Advantage




I have been contacted recently by many agents regarding how they can best present their services in contrast to those offered by captive agencies. What follows is a hypothetical introduction I would make to a new client regarding the benefits of working with an independent insurance agent.

“Hello and good afternoon, my name is ___________ and I am an independent insurance agent. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and speak with you briefly about your current insurance and your potential future insurance needs.

In the world of insurance there are two types of insurance agents; captive and independent. Captive agents are contractually bound to an agency. These companies offer a portfolio of products from life insurance to homeowners; or even health insurance to automobile. These companies may have very competitive products, but likely some are less competitive than others.

I liken this to a sports team or a movie cast. Some people, or products in this case, perform much better than others. A captive agent is restricted in that they can only offer their branded products, whether those are the most competitive products available or not.

An independent agent can license with any and all available carriers to offer you the most competitive rates and services available. The drawback for the independent agent is that they don’t have a large office with a nationally recognized brand on the door and commercials on TV. The benefit is that we will never have to shoehorn a client into a product or service that isn’t the absolute best fit for them.

My goal as an agent in our community is to arm you with the information to decide what’s best for you and your loved ones. I want to be your first or second opinion on all things insurance related. You wouldn’t buy a new product without first reading the customer reviews, just like you wouldn’t accept a sudden and out of character medical diagnosis without first consulting a doctor for a second opinion.

When it comes to insurance, I can access rates and services from a multitude of national and regional carriers offering health, life, disability, dental insurance, and annuities. When you’re deciding on health insurance or whether or not you can afford to add life or dental insurance, please allow me to verify that you are receiving the most competitive rates and services available. If you’re not, then why aren’t you?

Call or email me at your earliest convenience. Consultations are free and I live and work locally in our community.”

This is not meant to be a verbatim pitch for your specific services, but instead a template for how you can address the designation of “Independent Insurance Agent.” Your product portfolio and client demographics will ultimately dictate how you can best demonstrate the advantages of working with a local independent insurance agent, but the advantages are clear.

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