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Why Should I Sell Final Expense?


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Whether safeguarding a lifetime’s hard work or simply providing peace of mind protection for our loved ones, Final Expense is there to make life’s hardest moments a little easier to bear. The value in Final Expense is inherent, but the reason to offer it often is not. In light of this, we have done the leg work for you and collected several reasons each of us should strongly consider Final Expense for our product portfolios.

  • Your clients are purchasing this product already.

Our clients are exposed to direct to consumer marketing constantly. Over the previous twelve months no less than 5 major insurance carriers have begun airing Final Expense ads during prime time television. These aren’t late-night infomercials anymore. Your clients will find ads in the magazines at their doctor’s office offering Final Expense life insurance with “no questions asked” protection. Our clients are aware of these products and they are buying them. You have access to better products, at better prices. Your clients should be buying them from you.

  • Your clients would greatly benefit from a life insurance policy.

Close your eyes and image your funeral. Imagine your spouse, your cousins, your nieces… your children. Imagine the people you love conversing and sharing stories about your life. Picture them lining up to say their final words beside your casket. In this moment, would your family benefit from a lump sum to cover sudden expenses? Often times the sudden loss of a loved one will be the hardest moment of our lives. The financial burden can add to an already contentious environment and detract from our opportunity to grieve. Allow your loved ones to mourn your loss without the added distraction of deciding who and how to deal with a sudden debt burden.

  • A life insurance policy can be safer than putting money in a savings account, the market, or beneath the mattress.

Many clients that we speak with will argue that by the time they are one hundred years old, they will have paid more money in premiums than they stand to pay forward as a benefit. With an average life span in the U.S. of 78 years of age, many of our clients will in fact collect a much larger benefit than they ever pay in. The benefits of owning a simplified issue whole life policy (Final Expense) go beyond the initial death benefit. The benefit is tax free. The policy’s fixed premium and affordable death benefit provides an investment protected from Medicaid spend down.* That means that though your savings account, 401k, and owned property are subject to Medicaid spend down… your Final Expense policy safely retains its value.

  • Completing the service with your Medicare clients allows you to maximize client persistency.

Our clients can often benefit from many of our additional services. What benefits have your clients forgone due to retirement? Many of our clients will have previously had health insurance, dental, 401k, and some form of employer sponsored life insurance. Our clients will often immediately look to replace their health insurance, but may not fully realize the value of their other lost benefits. We can help to improve the quality of their retirement by offering them the full benefit of our product portfolio. Would you rather pay full-price for dental when the monthly premium for the year is far less than the proposed savings? Would you forgo the benefit of life insurance when that protection is needed most? Clients with multiple policies from the same agent stay with that agent at nearly 100% persistency.

“Get a free whole-life quote. Rates are based on age and health; there is no better time than now.”

*Subject to Medicaid’s rules regarding cash value and plan structure.