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Dominate Your Back Yard Like Nobody’s Business

One of the most common questions that agents ask me, especially those new to Medicare, is what type of marketing assistance programs we offer to them. Many times, this is a major determining factor in the agent’s decision of which FMO they choose to do business with.

We do offer a turning 65 prospecting program, but more importantly, we help agents learn to build their own brand.  It’s so rewarding to see new agents start to get large commission checks!

It’s all about branding and being relevant!

Here are some proven marketing ideas and tactics.

  • Ask for personal referrals. Yes, it takes time to build relationships, and it’s not an instant answer…but referrals work!
  • Work our free T65 prospecting list to mine for new clients.
  • Purchase senior lead lists from our listing of recommended reliable vendors.
  • Join a local business networking group and become the “Medicare Insurance Expert.”
  • Volunteer at local senior centers . Talk to the activities counselor.  They are begging for energetic people to help out…even with Bingo.
  • Submit a personally written article in free weekly senior specific publications about dental or cancer insurance.
  • Ask to be a regular guest host to talk for 30 minutes about important senior issues on the local radio station that caters to a senior demographic.
  • Post relevant senior market insurance developments on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.
  • Talk to financial planners and show them how you can help their senior clients wade through the confusion they have about Medicare insurance.
  • Introduce yourself to small and medium size businesses that have seniors working part time, and let them know you specialize in Medicare health plans.

Dominate your backyard by being persistent and consistent…act like it is your business!

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