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Pre-AEP Planning Checklist

Certifications & Appointments

If you’re serious about growing your business this year, then early certification should be foremost on your mind!  It’s a measurable fact: insurance professionals who certify early outperform their competition by 2 to 1.  Make sure you’re appointed and certified for the products in all states you plan to write in.

Order Supplies

With the start of AEP pre-marketing fast approaching, now is your chance to get ahead of the game by ordering your supplies early, so that you hit the ground running with marketing materials in hand come October 15th.  Contact our Supplies Department to assist you in ordering any supplies for the upcoming season.

Attend Agent Training Events

Check your schedule and attend all of the events applicable to the products you plan to sell.  This may include face-to-face meetings or trainings as required for some carriers.

Familiarize Yourself with the Benefits

Get knowledgeable on what you will be selling.  Contact any member of the JSA Marketing Team or log on to the JSA Agent Resource Center to obtain the most recent benefits preview documents.

Community Events

Make sure to file all community sales and educational events in accordance to each insurance carrier’s individual requirements.  Call JSA Marketing with any questions.

Check Your Tech

Make sure you have your logins ready.  JSA offers a plethora of tools at your disposal to help you get quotes, submit business, and make corrections with east.  We have been busy upgrading the tools you use to focus on what you do best, selling.  Make use of the JSA Agent Resource Center where you can:

  • See the 2018 benefits information
  • Run quotes from our JSA MyQuote application, also available on Google’s Play Store for Android devices (app download) and Apple’s App Store for Apple devices (app download)
  • Submit applications and corrections either:
    • Directly through our Agent Resource Center
    • Or download the JSA Upload Tool, a Windows application that allows you to submit applications electronically
  • Make sure you can login to JSA’s Agent Resource Center to check the status of enrollments submitted direct to JSA

AEP Pre Marketing Do’s and Don’ts


  • Contact existing members to schedule a current plan review prior to October 1st
  • Hold and promote member-only education meetings or sales meetings on current year plan benefits anytime*
  • On ads/letters, mention the upcoming AEP dates in an informational way


  • Obtain a 2018 Scope of Appointment form prior to October 1st
  • Discuss any 2018 plan options or benefits with clients or prospects prior to October 1st
  • Hold or promote sales/marketing meetings prior to October 1st regardless of when the meeting takes place*

Reaching out to your current clients prior to the start of the AEP is always a good idea, to make sure you come to mind when they start receiving all of the AEP marketing materials and seeing the product ads on television.  For examples of letters created by carriers for agents to use as “pre-warming” materials, please contact the JSA Marketing Team.  If you’d like to create your own letter and want to be sure it’s compliant, or just have general questions about what you can and cannot say to current members before October 1st, please contact JSA Compliance.

*Sales meetings covering 2018 products may not be promoted or advertised prior to October 1st.  All events must be filed per CMS and carrier guidelines.

Rest assured, the JSA Marketing Team (1-800-203-0433) is your single source for all questions and issues regarding company certification and compliant compliant marketing requirements.  No questions are too small or too big, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to your trusted FMO partner.

Chris Hagerstrom

Chris Hagerstrom is the Director of New Business Development at Jack Schroeder and Associates, Inc. Through years of experience he has become an expert with Medicare, Life Insurance, Annuities and Supplemental Health and how to successfully navigate the senior market.