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Return of the Tooth Fairy

Let’s be honest – as we get older our teeth fall out just as rapidly as when we were putting them under our pillow and hoping the Tooth Fairy would swap them out for money. When you were younger it was the time of your life. You would wake up with money under your pillow, a hole in your mouth, and the wherewithal to know a new, better, stronger tooth was coming in its place. Now all that passes through your mind when you lose a tooth is how on earth you’re going to pay for it.

In fact, as we get older oral health is something that tends to fall on the back burner, even though research strongly shows increased death rates year over year due to poor oral hygiene. Why do I mention this? Why is this something you as an agent should be interested in?

I speak with agents everyday that are asked the question by their clients, “Do you work with dental?” Agents then ask me the question, “Are there any Medicare Advantage Health Plans out there that still have dental benefits for clients?”

The average modern day Medicare recipient is better informed than those of the past. They understand the need for proper dental hygiene. They understand the growing costs associated with years of oral surgeries and upkeep. In fact more than 60% of individuals over age 65* visit the dentist once a year.

Your clients are looking for a solution. That’s where you come in; the Agent; the hypothetical Tooth Fairy.

If you have not looked lately at Senior Dental Insurance Plans, you should. These plans are not flashy. They are not bottom of the 9th, bases loaded, home run hitting, game changing plans. However, they will provide your clients with the financial relief and comfort in knowing they have coverage for their needs. Another great point about senior dental from an agent’s perspective is that there are no marketing restrictions. You could cold call the white pages (following Do Not Call rules, of course!), knock door-to-door through your community, and cross sell these products to any individual you speak with. In fact many of the products JSA has available for our agents are designed to allow individuals 18-89 years of age sign up for coverage. This allows you to target almost any prospect you come across. Senior dental costs are traditionally inexpensive as well. Many of the premiums can be found in the high $20s on average, lower if the client is under 40.

If one of your clients is asking about dental plans, STOP telling them you don’t work with them. Call Jack Schroeder and Associates, and let’s find the best plan in your area. Let’s find the plan that will keep your clients happy and healthy. Let’s redefine the Tooth Fairy.

*Source:  http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/dental.htm

Anthony Idaspe

Anthony Idaspe is a Marketing Representative with a degree in Marketing and Advertisement. Anthony works with agents to create and evaluate marketing communications, effective selling, and marketing strategies.