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A successful senior market insurance agent knows the importance of having the right rate at the right time.  They also know the struggle of making sure they have the most up-to-date materials, including those ever-changing rate guides.  Let’s face it, no agent wants to go back to a Medicare supplement client and let them know that amazing rate they were quoted was off by $10 and now they have to send the company another check; how embarrassing!  There has to be an easier way to stay on top of the changes.

The good news, there IS an easier way!  JSA’s MyQuote system was designed to simplify the rate quoting process and give you an all access pass to help with your rating needs.  With MyQuote you can quote Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage and Part D plans, Final Expense and Hospital Indemnity plans all with the click of a few buttons.  Plus, built-in extras help you stay on top of the most competitive carriers and products in your area.

Medicare Supplements – Changing rates and new carriers are commonplace in the Senior Market, and your #1 seller this month may not shine as bright the next.  With MyQuote you can accurately quote rates based on any effective date to make sure that any unforeseen rate increases are not missed.  Plus, view carrier financial strength, whether or not they offer discounts, what their average age increase is and what their annual rate increase history has looked like.  Also, keep track of new carriers in your state to make sure you are offering the best possible rates to your clients (contact the JSA Marketing Team if you need to add any new products).

Medicare Advantage and Hospital Indemnity – Unlike Medicare supplements and life insurance, Medicare Advantage availability is county based (and zip code based in very rare instances), so it’s important to know plan specifics when venturing out into unfamiliar areas.  MyQuote gives you the chance to punch in your prospect’s zip code and take a look at all of the MA options for their county.  You can even select a few plans to view side-by-side and make a nice comparison to take along with you (although MyQuote does work on all devices, including your smartphone if you’re so inclined).  Where MyQuote really takes quoting to the next level is your ability to pair it up with Hospital Indemnity coverage.  Select a MA plan, choose your hospital indemnity carrier and build the benefits side-by-side.  If you haven’t viewed our Cross Selling Hospital Indemnity video please do and you’ll see how this valuable tool is key to the sales process.

Final Expense – It’s no secret, Final Expense life insurance is a natural fit when working in the Senior Market (we won’t go into details here) but it’s a very dog-eat-dog world.  There are well over 100 carriers throughout the nation that offer Final Expense products and it seems like more and more are popping up each week.  Due to each carrier’s underwriting nuances it’s tough to know exactly which carrier’s material and rate-books to bring along with you to each appointment.  Leave those rate books at home and let MyQuote be your guide!  Not only can you quote the level benefit, but also graded, modified, single/5/10/15/20/30 pay plans, return of premium and the various guaranteed issue products JSA offers.  Click on the “Policy Fee Included” button on the right hand side and you’ll know just exactly how much this valuable coverage will cost each of your clients.

Part D Plans – PDP plans get an honorable mention here as MyQuote is a great tool to see the monthly premium, STAR rating, deductibles and GAP coverage for each region.  To do full prescription drug quotes, skip www.medicare.gov and head right to each carriers’ page for the best results.

JSA’s MyQuote tool is located in our Agent Resource Center and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t have access to the Agent Resource Center?  Get in touch with the JSA Marketing Team and we’ll have you quoting like a pro in no time.

Chris Hagerstrom

Chris Hagerstrom is the Director of New Business Development at Jack Schroeder and Associates, Inc. Through years of experience he has become an expert with Medicare, Life Insurance, Annuities and Supplemental Health and how to successfully navigate the senior market.