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Off Season Apps and Where to Find Them


How to uncover additional policies from the depths of your product portfolio


It’s the time of year when agents look to their product portfolio to uncover additional policies hidden among their assortment of products. This is the time to discover new methods for reaching out to your community and existing book of business. For agents working with Final Expense there are some proven methods that can help to generate interest and ultimately, get sales on the books.


  • Send out a thank you letter/card


This method works best when you reserve solicitation of business until you have first rekindled the relationship. Capitalize on the good will you have garnered from helping your client in the past and set an appointment to discuss the possibility of rate increases, service area reductions, or even doctors leaving networks. Health and finances change often, discuss how products and services you offer can safeguard their health and peace of mind. (more)


  • Increase your visibility


If a potential client in your community is looking for service and they have never heard of you, they will likely solicit the insurance agent they know or can find. Senior living complexes have bulletin boards, ripe for marketing materials. Your car door can easily be adorned with a magnet that illustrates your services. You can often times place brochure holders at chiropractic or dermatologist offices (good client demographics) for the cost of supplying coffee and bagels once a month when you refill your brochures. Client picnics often garner a 25% attendance rate and those clients rarely come alone. Engage your community and your book of business will grow.


  • Leave behind materials


Anytime you meet with an existing client for some product or service, you should be setting the stage for additional products that serve their needs. Provide a life quote that you can leave with your client. Ask about whether or not anyone in their family has ever had cancer or suffered a heart attack or stroke. Clients with multiple policies have the best retention in the industry. Call our team today to take advantage of the support and materials at your disposal. 1 (800) 203-0433 for contracting, commissions, compliance, marketing, and more. For Life Support please ask for the Life Division.