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MyHealthPlan – Online Enrollment Platform

In a not-so-distant past, finding a reliable online enrollment tool was difficult.  Each carrier took its own path to create a system that worked best for itself, and no two platforms were identical.  What about a program that worked best for us, and not just us as insurance agents, but for our customers as well?

The way we see it, the ability to do online applications should follow suit with the spirit of being an independent agent;  allow us to represent multiple products across multiple carriers through one clean and simple interface. Now there’s an idea!

Introducing MyHealthPlan, a Medicare Health plan online enrollment platform custom developed by JSA and Connecture, the company that powers Medicare.gov’s Plan Finder and online enrollment center.  With this tool, you have the ability to:

  • Generate personalized health and drug plan quotes
  • Complete the SOA process paper-free
  • Showcase just the plans you are contracted with and ready-to-sell*
  • Enroll clients with some of the top carriers, and earn FULL COMMISSION
  • Manage and track your client enrollments
  • Utilize powerful built-in member retention tools
  • All without leaving the comfort of your office!

Now this is how online enrollments should work!

Want to Learn More?

Visit our MyHealthPlan Demo site to see what this tool can do.  Then, contact the JSA Marketing Team at 1-800-203-0433 for pricing information or submit your information below.

*Carrier availability may vary.  Contact JSA for further information.


Chris Hagerstrom

Chris Hagerstrom is the National Marketing Communications Analyst at Jack Schroeder and Associates, Inc. Through years of experience he has become an expert with Medicare, Life Insurance, Annuities and Supplemental Health and how to successfully navigate the senior market.